Monday, June 21, 2010

dreams really do come true

that's right in downtown greer you can drink wine in boutiques. you should buy a house here immediately.

nyc + lost exhibit = sam & I feeling like total nerds

well now thats purdy

Its been quite a while for However due to my recent unemployment (by choice, ahem) I figure I have nothing but time to at least document these oh so interesting days. I know there are many to none that are truly invested in my fast paced high career oriented big city lifestyle. I wanted to oblige all these requests and give the people what they want.

I could go over my past few weeks here in the metropolis of Greer, SC or I could just go over today, then get in the bath, and if you're lucky return tomorrow and ATTEMPT to give you a play by play of said weeks.

Ahem.. today. monday june 21 in the year of our lord 2010.
Well today was a big day, I decided to visit the long awaited "Six Wags Over Greer" Yes that's right folks... six wags. I went out there with my friend Rita, her dog Sadie, and my dog Suki. Now there are three parts to six wags, actually four. Two of the four are "Redneck Playgrounds" described as places for troubled dogs that don't play well with others. Did I mention Six Wags isn't free, because it isn't. You are supposed to drop your cash in a slot to a tiny houseoffice in between the four fences. The good ol' honor system which by the way we followed and dropped our money there. We had our pick of playgrounds because we were the only people there, this whole thing lasted almost an hour and then it was too hot for any of us to stay any longer.

After this there was Chick fil a, and for the first time since the Spicy sandwich came out I didn't get it. I was disappointed and will never make that mistake again. I don't think I can eat anything else there again.

Okay I will spare you the rest, but I will be writing again soon as something happens to me. And well lets face it....that may not be soon at all.