Sunday, April 20, 2008

We Don't Need No Education

I won't post a video every-time, its only fitting. Im taking out my mental frustrations about writing papers again. Its odd because it seems that writing really long papers always inspires me to write other things, things that aren't necessary and things I don't have time for. However, I suppose writing this could motivate me to write my paper?

I have a problem you see, I have these dreams about people and in these dreams we are in love. The problem is that post-dream I think I actually love this person. These people occupy my daydreams. It is a really distracting and terrible thing. The last dream I had was about one of my anthropology professors. I suppose you could say this man is attractive, not in the conventional sense, but in the sense he's young and extremely intelligent. I feel like in my dream state we had this Kevin Spacey in The Life of David Gale thing going for us. Intelligent professor meets young co-ed attracted by his wit. That makes it sounds dirtier then it actually is, its much more innocent than this. Okay all of these things fine, dream was normal. We were dating and in love. Now the problems lies in the fact that I am now continually distracted in class. I find myself daydreaming about us dating. I am not in love with the man, I am not attracted to him either, however the dream has led me to believe I am. Problem with daydreaming comes in when he calls on me to answer questions and thinks I am listening because I am looking him straight in the eye (aka gazing longingly). Then realizing after him repeating my name 3 times that he wants some sort of response to a question he posed less than thirty seconds ago. To make matters worse he thinks my name is Kathleen, and its not. Yet how can I risk embarrassing myself and the man of my dreams in front of my peers and his students? Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt right? My last dream boyfriend was Will Smith, and I don't have to see Will Smith twice a week so this interest was easier to overcome. When I say overcome I think thats rash because I still feel compelled to support his acting career by watching all his movies the good and the bad.

Let me also add that my professor had a shot-gun wedding to a Taiwanese woman over Spring Break. This was recently unveiled in class, I heard that sentence loud and clear. I feel as if its aiding me in getting over my pretend relationship, seeing as how he's married now and I am not Taiwanese and apparently thats his thing because the class is East Asian Pop Culture. I blame the marriage not on love but maybe she needed citizenship to stay in the country, as seen in the Ang Lee film, The Wedding Banquet. Inquiring minds desire knowing.

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